I’m New…

  • It’s tough being new at a church. At St. Aidan’s  Church we want you to feel less like a visitor and more like a friend. We want your time with us to feel like you are coming home. So what should you expect?
  • Well, first you’ll notice that our service contains written prayers and responses.  Our service is like this because we want worship to be something we do together.
  • We also celebrate the Eucharist, or the Lord’s Supper, every week. As Anglicans we believe that Jesus calls us together in community to hear from his Word and to receive his gifts from the Table. This is the centerpiece of our worship together. At St. Aidan’s Church,  all baptized Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome at the Lord’s Table.
  • We hope that your will be blessed in your visit with us. We know that things might be a little different. Don’t let that stress you out. Most of us didn’t grow up worshipping this way either. Just come in, grab a worship guide, find a seat, and feel free to join in at your own pace. We’re overjoyed that you’ve chosen to worship with us today!