Who We Are

St. Aidan’s is a community of disciples – people who are committed to learning to live as Jesus wants us to live. Becoming a part of the community is about becoming a disciple of Jesus. We believe that Jesus is building His Kingdom here in Jessamine County, and that His Kingdom begins in our hearts and in our homes.

We use three tools to help us pursue life as Jesus’ disciples:
Common Worship, 
Common Prayer,  Common Life

Common Worship – We are a sacramental community. Our worship isn’t just an activity or an obligation – it is a spiritual practice that helps us know Jesus and become more like Him. We gather every week to study God’s Word and to celebrate Holy Communion. We follow the Christian Calendar through Feasts and Fasts, and allow the Church’s rhythms to shape our lives.

Common Prayer – We are a praying community. Being close to Jesus’ heart means being people who pray – not occasionally, but constantly. Our tradition encourages prayer throughout the day. Our community tries to create space for prayer and Scripture-reading during the week. We have numerous resources available for anyone who wishes to commit themselves to continual prayer.

Common Life – We are an intentional community. Everyone is welcome at St. Aidan’s. Our doors are open to all of our neighbors. At the heart of our community is our Charter of Faith. Our charter is like a Rule of Life for our congregation – it helps provide a  for being disciples. The mission of St. Aidan’s Church is to BE the Kingdom of God in a broken world, because we believe that Christ is making all things new!

St. Aidan’s Church is an intentional community of disciples in the Anglican tradition, and affiliated with the Anglican Church of North America (the ACNA).